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Staying at the Mainport Hotel in Rotterdam

Do you know those Pinterest boards with a nice bath in the bedroom and a lovely view over the city? Yes, it was exactly like that.

Karien Anne - Review of 2016

My personal review of 2016

Last day of the year 2016 already, and what a year! I started 2016 with a mission: get fitter, travel more and above all, be happy! - It is a cold and windy winter

It is a cold and windy winter

It is a cold and windy winter, but I am enjoying this Christmas break to the fullest. - Lovely affordable design glasses

Lovely affordable design glasses

As you all probably know, I am an extreme fan of glasses.

Dear Eiffel Tower

“Con artist Victor Lustig “sold” the Eiffel Tower to a scrap metal dealer”, just wondering how that would have been back in the days.

Karien Anne - Christmas Breakfast with Blokker

Christmas Breakfast with Blokker

This is the first year I celebrate Christmas in the Netherlands!

Karien Anne | What to wear on a city-trip?

What to wear on a city-trip?

When I packed for our city trip to Antwerp, I had no idea what to wear.

Karien Anne - Velvet Interior

Velvet Interior

Velvet Interior I. Love. Velvet. Velvet clothes, velvet interior, everything velvet. You can find a few of my favourite velvet pins above. Images Pinterest

Karien Anne | Grand Palais Paris

Grand Palais Paris

I love Paris.

Karien Anne | Leopold Hotel Antwerp

Leopold Hotel Antwerp

Lovely view over the city park from your large room window.


Just a short citytrip to Antwerp

Deadlines are over, time to get some fresh inspiration in a new city.