A Sparkling Revolution!

Reduce your plastic waste by making your own sparkling tap water within a few seconds.


However, that is only once a year. And going to a more sustainable world starts with the little daily things. I was wondering how many of you love sparkling water and when buying it, have ever thought about how damaging plastic waste can be to the environment?

Honestly, I did not. Until SodaStream challenged me to become more aware of the amount of plastic waste (bottles) I produce and gave me their ideal ‘minimalist’ end of the year gift last week: their Crystal machine. With this machine, you can reduce your plastic waste by making sparkling tap water within a few seconds! You fill the glass carafe with water, place it in the bottle holder, push the machine down and press the button a few times.


PHOTOGRAPHY by Kimberley Zondag

Going to a more sustainable world starts with the little daily things.

Good morning! Just wanted to share a personal story. Since I started eating mainly vegan, I became more and more interested in living the green and sustainable life. My awareness of how damaging some food can be to the environment grew. Not only about food, but also drinks and then especially the drinks we buy in plastic bottles!

Once a year, on the 10th of October, we all think and talk about sustainability during the Sustainability Day. Thousands of sustainable activities take place throughout the Netherlands, to show that sustainability is necessary, inspiring and profitable.


Also, a nice feature is that you can make sparkling water with a flavour! Just add your favourite syrup to it, and you are ready to drink!

I am using it daily since I got it, because who needs sparkling water in a plastic bottle?