Karien Anne is the blogger behind the namesake fashion, lifestyle and travel blog. Dedicated to bringing her readers regular inspiration all staying true to her minimal philosophy of using colours which do not give a direct emotion or statement straight off. She wants to tell the world that you can make a statement with your personality, and you do not have to ‘scream’ with your clothes. She likes to wear minimalistic, timeless and functional designs in the minimal colour palette.

People always think that you should wear bright colours, in order not to be boring, but that is not true. Simple is not boring. It is kind of hard to make a simple outfit interesting because these colours do not give a statement straight off. You can tell your story with your personality and not particularly with your looks. That is the reason why non-colors will always stay interesting.

Founded in April 2015 in Amsterdam, Karien Anne has worked with numerous Dutch and international brands which include, but not limited to SELECTED FEMME, Wolford, The Hoxton, HER the label, Ace & Tate, INK Hotel and Marie-Stella-Maris.