Enjoying my Spring flowers

I have styled three different spring flowers: the Ranunculus, Anemone and the Leucospermum, thé best combination to celebrate spring!

PHOTOGRAPHY by Kimberley Zondag
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl

When I am currently looking outside, I do not really see it, but Spring is on its way!

When I am currently looking outside, I do not really see it, but it is already mid-March! And that means that spring is on its way! What is a better way to celebrate spring than to show it in at home as well?

So, I have received three different spring flowers from Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl, as according to them, the Ranunculus, Anemone and the Leucospermum is thé best combination to celebrate spring!


The Ranunculus

The Ranunculus (or Buttercup) is an elegant flower and available in various colours and shapes. Because of the open leaves, the heart of the flower comes out beautifully and gives you a warm and cosy feeling. In the Victorian times, giving a Ranunculus meant you thought the receiver was ‘rich in attractions’. So it is not surprising that the flower symbolises charm!


The Anemone

The Anemone is a delightful spring bloomer, characterised by the dark heart – but light leaves. This flower holds a lot of love and stands for: ‘I want to be with you’. There is also a myth about the Anemone. They say that Anemone had a nymph of the court of Flora, the goddess of flowers. One day Zephyr, the god of the wind, fell in love with Anemone but annoyed Flora. The jealous goddess decided to punish her turning it into flower.


The Leucospermum

And last but not least, the Leucospermum, a tropical flower originally from the Rocky slopes in South Africa. On the first impression, this orange flower may look a bit prickly, but they are not pins you see – but exuberant blades! The hairy leaves are covered with a thin layer of wax, as protection against the salty sea breeze which is probably unnecessary on the inside!

How I styled it

This time, I have put the different spring flowers in different vases at different spots in my interior. In this way, I can enjoy the flowers everywhere and bring the entire spring feeling to my apartment. Which one is your favourite?

Ranunculus: Ruutu vase 115 x 180 mm (clear), Anemone: Iittala X Issey Miyake vase 180 mm (clear), Leucospermum: Alvar Aalto Collection vase 220 mm (clear), all together: Alvar Aalto Collection vase 160mm (aqua)