MÁDARA’s all natural, mineral-based sunscreens

Safe to use and environmentally-friendly!

PHOTOGRAPHY by Kimberley Zondag


Don’t let the dark side of the sun take over.

A few months ago, someone told me that I was using the wrong sunscreen. One with a lot of chemicals in it. She advised me to look for natural sunscreens. So I did. However, after a few months of using it, I got frustrated how the white product made my skin look even lighter, and the stickiness made my body feel filthy.

Right before my trip to Marrakech, I got introduced to MÁDARA’s natural sun protection line, and I can say that the silky texture is invisible on the skin! Wherever you are -at the poolside, the beach or a festival- it always feels good to know that your SPF does not contain any chemical UV filter, or synthetic preservatives, colourants and fragrances. MÁDARA’s sunscreens are all natural, mineral-based sunscreens which are safe to use and environmentally-friendly!


Both the sunscreen for body and face provide broad-spectrum protection – and protect against UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays cause suntan, sunburn and contribute to cancer risk – and UVA generates loads of free radicals that cause skin ageing. That is why you should wear sunscreen all year round, as the UVA rays are also prevalent on cloudy days and can affect the skin throughout the window.


When I heard this, I felt the need to make SPF sunscreen part of my morning routine. However, I did not like that super glowy skin and also did not like to put too many layers on my face. Thereby, I was often wondering what the best order to put on sunscreen is.

MÁDARA told me that you should start with your serum, then apply your daily moisturiser and at last your SPF sunscreen as your top layer. On days that you do not want to put too many layers on, you can choose for their City CC Cream. It evens out the skin tone, masks imperfections, hydrates and protects. Thereby, it has the perfect size to put in your bag when walking through the city or going to your work. #TheOnlyFilterNeeded.


The products I used: MÁDARA’s SUN30 Sunscreen for Body, Hands and Face (100 ml), MÁDARA’s SPF30 Sunscreen for Face (40 ml) and MÁDARA’s SPF15 City CC Cream: Light Beige (40 ml) – available at degroenedrogist.nl.