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"...easily carry them with you"

A few weeks ago, I found out Sudio's wireless on-ear headphones, called Regent. Besides that the comfortable ear pads will keep my ears warm during the colder days, the sound quality is excellent!

These wireless headphones work perfectly while studying or doing a workout, or just anytime you want to listen to music and block out the world.

I was already impressed by the minimally designed packaging, but when unboxing, the black headphones looked even more impressive with its gold accents. The leather headband is softly padded, and the ear pads can be folded up, so you can easily carry them with you.

Thereby, Sudio even offers customised ear caps - if you want to make it even more stylish with the marble design.

Karienanne.com | Block out the world

What I am wearing:
Sudio Sweden headphones | Lavish Alice coat | Miinto scarf |